16+ My Hair Is Half Wavy Half Straight Inspirations

My Hair Is Half Wavy Half Straight. Method 2 and 3 both give me straight hair at the back at most 2a, method 1 usually gives me about 80% straight hair and then if any water touches it then it. As for the half straight half curly, wow i don't know.

My hair is half straight, half curly, HELP! — CurlTalk
My hair is half straight, half curly, HELP! — CurlTalk from www.naturallycurly.com

Disguise the straight hair by lightly trimming it to match the length of the dry curly locks or even snip it slightly shorter. Curling creams will just make my bottom half wavier (while top half stays straight) and smoothing creams makes the top half straighter (while bottom half stays wavy). The top layer of allisons hair is straight but underneath its wavy.

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Just wash with shampoo, rinse, then use conditioner, rinse, and then “squish” your hair up to your scalp to see if waves form. Now, in eleventh grade, it’s in better condition than before, but it is still extremely dehydrated, if not even more than it was before. My hair is half messy half straight.

This Treatment I Did Was Supposed To Last A Whole Year, And It Pretty Much Did.

Posted by 5 minutes ago. And when i’m in the mood for the most curly hair i scrunch it with water and just leave it. Make sure to add product like mousse or gel and your hair will be curlier the next day with some hold, which it’ll make it last longer.

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My hair is straight on top and curly underneath. Changing your hair from brown to blonde is an art that requires the skills of a professional colorist. (this is my opinion as a person who only cuts hair) that professional needs to do two things when lightening your hair:

Then I Get Lovely Waves Which Last For A Couple Of Days.

If you are just trying this the first time, you do not have to do that. Press j to jump to the feed. Half of my hair became frizzy again, but wavy instead of curly.

Based On Half Wavy Half Straight Hair By Liz A.

Keep the plopping shirt on your hair for 5 minutes if your hair air dries quickly (in a couple hours or less). Whenever i shower, half of my hair becomes wavy, so i straighten it with heat in order to maintain it. Let it dry all the way.

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