18++ Kanekalon Braiding Hair Color Chart You will Love

Kanekalon Braiding Hair Color Chart. 31 black to honey blonde | how to get the perfect #27 color on natural hair. This color chart shows swatches for the products available in our kanekalon jumbo braid section.

MultifulColorChart Tranças coloridas, Cabelo jumbo
MultifulColorChart Tranças coloridas, Cabelo jumbo from www.pinterest.com

What color is 613 in braiding hair? Bang & pony, bang & bun, top & bun, mohawk; 613 1b/27 4/22 4/27 12/gold.

27 30 33 Gold Maroon.

Some colors are available in only one brand, and some colors are available in several. Choose from a wide range of colors. 1, 1b, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33, 1b/27, 1b/30, 1b/33, 1b/bur, 1b/350, 4/27, 4/30, 34, 44, 51, 280, 118, 613, 350, 99j, 22, 24, red, blue, pink, purple.

Honey / Light Golden Highlight;

Classic braid kanekalon color chart 1 1b 234 6 8 10 12 22 27 30 33 gold maroon 35 230 233 30gold 4gold 22613 280 34 44 51 4350 4amber 130 350 43. These are ready to wears wigs made from synthetic hair extensions {expressions) available in different colours please see the colour chart. All hair colors are numbered on a level system between 1 and 10.

31 Black To Honey Blonde | How To Get The Perfect #27 Color On Natural Hair.

Xpression colour chart braiding hair colors colored hair extensions hair color chart. Braiding hair colors, hair color chart, kanekalon hair colors. Frost color fs1b/27, fs1b/30, fs1b/33, fs1b/99j, fs1b/132, fs1b/350, fs4/27, fs4/30.

Ruwa® Is A Kanekalon® Fiber Braiding Hair That Has Been Coated With Aquatex® For A Sleek Smooth And Water Resistant Finish.

34 custom color braiding hair blend | pumpkin spice blend #7. Beautiful color blend, amazing 3 tones, fascinating braids, really gorgeous! 34 black hair with a tint of burgundy.

100 Kanekalon Xpression Braiding Hair 82 205Cm We Have 17 Colors In Stock So Don T Hesitate To P Braided Hairstyles Braid In Hair Extensions Hair Extensions.

Bang & pony, bang & bun, top & bun, mohawk; One piece purple blue kanekalon braiding hair colors gray synthetic jumbo braiding hair box braids hair exp hair styles braided hairstyles braiding hair colors sythetic hair braid jumbo ultra braid 165g kanekalon high temperature fiber x presssion twists x pr braiding hair colors kanekalon hair colors hair color chart Desire for hair 4packs per lot 24inch 100g 2 tone three tone ombre color synthetic braiding box braids hair black grey burgundy.

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