28++ Fade Sideburns Into Beard Trends

Fade Sideburns Into Beard. Before we can even get to the beard fade, we have to get the rest of your beard in order. Fading your sideburns into your beard will make a huge impact on the overall look of your beard, and in my opinion, the sideburns area has the biggest impact on whether a beard is unkept or groomed in the eyes of most people.

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The golden rule is to start high and fade low (as in guard numbers). Repeat the trimming process until you find the right fading effect. Comb the rest of your sideburns back across the ear, using the comb to hold the hair in place at an angle consistent with the ear line and your beard.

The Length And Shape Of Your Sideburns Are Up To You.

Finally, the famous basketball player james harden presents a fine example of a beautiful fade between the beard and the haircut. Put your finger on top of the line and use the two guard to shave just that inch or so of hair. This will make your sideburns look more symmetrical.

When It Comes To Fading Beards, The Most Common Mistake We See Men Make Is First Starting With The Lowest Guard.

Trim away any extraneous hairs with scissors. To fade the beard neckline, use scooping motion and against the grain method. Trim one inch above your jawline and another towards your sideburns.

Don’t Go Overboard, Be Cautious While Using The Clipper.

Trim an inch or everything below the beard neckline. You’re ready to fade now that your beard is trimmed and your lines are tight. Trim sideburns with length & width matters.

This Is Where The Rest Of The Guards Enter.

Start the trimming right on the spot where the ears meet the head if you want to do a fade with the beard, the sideburns, and the hair. While the sides of your beard should be kept longer than your face, you should still keep your sideburns short. Obviously, harden uses more than two guards with his clipper to obtain this gradient effect, and he starts with a no.1 guard.

You Can Also Fade Them Into Your Beard With A Number 2 Or 3.

If you have sharp sidelines at your temples, keep them straight with number 1 or 2 guards. With this in mind, fade involves creating a smooth transition between hair of variable lengths, and it remains one of the most crucial elements of contemporary barbering. Outline your beard shape your neckline mark the fade points trim your cheek line grooming the top lip trimming your sideburns smooth out rough edges apply aftershave lotion however a neat fade can save the day and make even the fullest beard appear tidy.

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