22+ Stretch Curly Hair Without Heat Trends

Stretch Curly Hair Without Heat. Mahogany curls, shinestruck, pure estrogen and beauty with mj use threading, rollers and products to achieve these amazing results. Here are 4 ways to stretch your curly hair:

HOW TO Stretch Natural Curly Hair Without Heat in 10
HOW TO Stretch Natural Curly Hair Without Heat in 10 from www.youtube.com

The smaller the section, the more stretched your hair will be. But, there is an indirect option that can help stretch the hair. It is easiest to apply this mixture using a.

Try A Hooded Dryer And A Roller Set.

Tip 2 stop using silicone on your curls. With your hair detangled and smoothed between your fingers, gently stretch it downward. The below video by curly twirls has the step by step instructions.

Once Your Hair Is Sectioned, Start Wrapping The Thread Around Your Hair As If It Were A Faux Loc.

“this step is important because it prevents your natural hair from shrinking a lot while drying. Part it in two even sections, then divide each side into six smaller sections. Some say blow drying your curls can cause damage.

Probably The Easiest Way To Stretch Natural Hair, The Banding Method Consists Of Placing A Hair Tie Or Stretchable Hair Band Along Sections Of Your Hair To Elongate Your Curls.

If you want to stretch your hair even further, opt for the process of banding. The downward motion provides a better stretch. ” next, tie your satin/silk scarf over your hair and sit pretty while your hair air dries.

Hooded Dryers Are The Best Solution For Smoothing And Stretching Because They Provide Indirect Heat, Which Is Better On The Hair, Says Stevens.

This method is best used while the hair is still wet because your hair is in a state where it can be easily manipulated. Tip 1 try the curly girl method. This method however may not give you a super straight stretch if you are using it on it’s own.

It Is Easiest To Apply This Mixture Using A.

Below and above we share 4 techniques that these talented ladies have used to stretch out their curls. When wanting a longer, stretched look, i turn my blow dryer on the cool setting. Let your rollers sit for a few hours before undoing them.

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